Natco Pharma (Canada) Inc. (NATCO CANADA) is a Canadian subsidiary of Natco Pharma Limited, India.

Natco Pharma Limited (NATCO) is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company heavily focused in research & development and in manufacturing drug intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) & finished formulations. NATCO has a global network and customer centric approach. NATCO has proven technology and know-how for specialty formulations.

NATCO was incorporated in Hyderabad in the year 1981 with an initial investment of INR 3.3 million. With a modest beginning of operations as a single unit with 20 employees, NATCO today has six world class manufacturing facilities spread across India with a dedicated modern research laboratory with capabilities in New Drug Development, etc. The company exports API’s and Formulations to around 50 countries across the globe. NATCO is well known for its impressive portfolio of Oncology, Neurology and CNS drugs. NATCO is utilizing its collective professional experience to kick start its transformation into a major player in the global pharmaceutical industry. NATCO is acclaimed by its customers for our Quality, Performance and Reliability.

NATCO has a competitive advantage in bringing to market niche pharmaceuticals backed up by its global standard R&D efforts. It offers several non-patented, non-infringing processes based products with highly efficient and cost effective manufacturing environment complying with Health Canada, US-FDA, German Health, EU GMP and other MOH authorities across the world.

NATCO has been supplying high quality pharmaceuticals to the Canadian market for more than five years. NATCO has decided to have its own subsidiary in the important Canadian market which it has been successfully servicing through its partners over the past years. NATCO PHARMA CANADA has been set up in 2012.

NATCO PHARMA CANADA since the formation has set up a very professional Quality, Regulatory, Warehousing, Marketing, Distribution and Logistics capability to service the Canadian market.

NATCO PHARMA CANADA is slated to launch some of its already approved Generic products and in the process of getting approvals for some very niche and very significant pipeline of pharmaceuticals.



NATCO produces high-quality pharmaceuticals supported by state-of-the-art research and deve- lopment (R&D) and manufacturing practices. Our healthcare products meet global regulatory and environmental standards.


We have over 30 years of experience in bringing out innovative products by utilizing in-house high-end R&D, our own world-class manufacturing facilities and highly reliable quality systems.


Respect for the environment and people around the world guides our principles from development to delivery and makes us a highly evolved, socially responsible company.


“To become one of the Top Generic Oncology Medicine Suppliers in Canada by the year 2020”


“To bring to market Niche Generic Pharmaceuticals, which comply to High Quality Standards, at Affordable Prices, with consistent supplies and exceptional customer service and thereby become one of the leading Health Care companies in the Canadian Market.”