Giving back


Lower Emission Rates

NATCO utilizes energy-efficient equipment and practices to lower carbon emissions. At NATCO, we also use natural energy sources including wind and solar power.

Water Management

NATCO recycles approximately 80% of the water usage. NATCO utilizes purified water that meets international pharmaceutical standards in all manufacturing processes.

Waste Management

NATCO recycles waste, including plastics, and promotes usage of recycled paper and recyclable plastics components. By utilizing high quality solvent recovery systems, NATCO recovers and reused solvents and minimizes the emission of hazardous solvents.

Green Revolution

NATCO has planted approximately 35,000 trees, creating over 100 acres of green space.

NATCO strongly encourages its employees to go paperless whenever possible or minimize the usage of paper.


The main areas of intervention are health, nutrition, education, enhanced living and environmental protection.

The NATCO trust funds social initiatives such as:

  • Building hospital wards and organizing health camps to provide improved access to high quality affordable medicines to the less fortunate.
  • Educating and providing nutrition to pregnant and lactating mothers to increase maternal health awareness.
  • Operating schools for urban children to impart higher education.
  • Providing training to the less fortunate so that they can live with pride and respect.

NATCO is a proud recipient of the Golden Peacock Award, 2012, for corporate social responsibility.